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Finlay’s 30 year career as a teacher has given him a deep understanding of effective learning and teaching. He is able to motivate learners  and his enthusiasm encourages everyone to participate in the joy of music-making.  This has made him a sought-after tutor in all over Scotland. He teaches from his home in the West End of Glasgow.


Fiddler with Cloud Howe Ceilidh Band and Stramash for over 30 years, Finlay has absorbed the Scottish Fiddle and Folk repertoire.  Senior Tutor at GFW, his classes are hugely popular.  His technique of teaching by ear and working from inside the tune has motivated students to improve their playing.  His encouragement of early stage players at regular Very Slow Sessions has brought hundreds of people to new experiences in playing in public.



The ukulele is a hugely adaptable instrument. Finlay has enthused hundreds to play ukulele at GFW and Celtic Connections sell-out workshops. He is much in demand at festivals and with groups throughout Scotland and Ireland offering a variety of workshops in Jazz, Country and Blues styles, strumming, harmony and arrangement techniques.


Finlay’s involvement with bands over many years has given him expertise in various guitar styes; Folk, Rock, Pop, Blues and Jazz.  From open acoustic guitar tunings and ragtime fingerpicking to blues and plectrum jazz and pop standards, Finlay can help your guitar playing to move up a level-whether you play acoustic or electric he can give you new insights that will help you to improve dramatically.



Finlay’s mandolin accompaniments have added a bright and energetic element to many singers’ performances.  His understanding of Celtic mandolin technique, melody, cross-picking and chording will help your playing develop new lift and imagination.

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